1. How do I know if buying from you is safe?

We are a certified safe site. We don't store your credit card information on our site, making it 100% safe for you. 

2. Do your prices include VAT?

Our prices are all inclusive of VAT      

3. What exactly do you mean by 'Working Days'?

A working day is any day of the week from Monday to Friday

4. What is Cine Photo Tools' Refund and Exchange procedure?

You can choose between a refund, exchange or repair , where the product are defective within the warranty period or within 10 business days the product are wrongly described, different from the sample shown to you or do not perform. If the equipment are installed, affixed amended we will not accept a return of the equipment, unless defective.  We may charge a handling fee if the return is accepted by management.

Credit card refunds – we are able to reverse transactions on our payment gateway system. The refund will only reflect on the credit card used and no other method is allowed.

EFT refunds- once an email with the order number, full banking details and request for refund is received, may take up to 5 working days for the refund to be processed by our accounts department. Please send request for refund emails to info@cinephototools.com. If a refund forms part of a return, then the terms applicable to returns apply as well.

5. How does pre-ordering work?

Pre-orders allow you to place advance orders for items that have not yet been released. When you place the pre-order, we then order the item in advance from our suppliers.

Note: release dates are subject to change without prior notice. We’ll keep you informed of any potential changes